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about us

CDT Mexico is the family business of two passionate cavers and dive educators, Cécilie and Alain Pocobelli.
Our goal is to offer the finest of cave and technical diving education to our students, and high quality professional guiding services, for cave, technical and sport divers.

We’re conveniently situated in Playa del Carmen, the heart of the Mexican cave diving paradise, a short distance away from your dream cave dive, cavern tour in the cenotes or ocean special dive.

CDT Mexico was founded by Alain and Cécilie Pocobelli. Alain first arrived in the Mexican Riviera Maya in 2005 and immediately felt in love with the beauties of the amazing submerged caves of the area. A few years later he would meet his buddy in life and underwater.

Today, we’re glad to welcome our guests in a very professional, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, offering high quality multi-lingual personalized services.

We offer basic to advanced cave diving and sidemount diving courses. We are also proud to be part of the Official Razor Instructor Team.

For certified cave divers, we offer cave guided dives at all levels, in some of the most beautiful caves in the world. We know the area extensively and bring you to the great classics as well as dive sites off the bitten track, for the more adventurous.

Sport divers will be thrilled by the beauties of the cavern diving tours in the famous cenotes. Cavern tours are guided by ourselves, and we are proud and happy to share with you our passion for cave diving!

Also there are special ocean dives worth seeing in Cozumel and Xcalac where we’ll be happy to take you, if your need for reefs is too strong!

Cécilie and Alain are waiting for your visit!

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about our team

Alain was born in Switzerland and is fluent in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish, he arrived in Mexico in 2005.

CDT Mexico is conveniently located in Playa del Carmen, in the Heart of the Mexican Riviera Maya. With its Caribbean climate, beautiful seafront, laidback atmosphere and fine dining possibilities, the town has many appeals and is a travelers’ favorite.

Above all, the area boasts the World’s largest concentration of underwater cave systems, and some of the most beautiful too.

The Yucatan Peninsula is a wide and unconfined flat karst landscape, home of over 1,500km of explored and mapped cave passages, with the largest two, Ox Bel Ha and Sac Actun, respectively boasting 257km and 247km of cave passages. 

The area offers all types and levels of cave diving, from giant passages to the tiniest of no-mount squeeze and from the extremely shallow to the extremely deep. Most of the caves are easily accessible by car… while some are still well hidden in the jungle, waiting to be discovered and explored!

Many of the cave systems don’t exceed 5m of depth, allowing cave divers to enjoy several hours of bottom time with no decompression on a basic cave configuration, but some others descent to over 120m and requires advanced trimix techniques

No river is to be found on the surface of the peninsula, the water is flowing instead into extended underground passages. This amazing topography has been slowly carved by fresh water infiltration in the porous carbonate bedrock, mostly made of limestone.

Divers are granted access to the cave systems through collapsed ceilings. These thousands of sinkholes are locally called “cenotes”, a Spanish word derived from the original Mayan “d’zonot”. Water is 24°C (75°F) all year long and visibility is practically limitless.