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TDI Advanced Sidemount Diver

4 DAYS – $1,000 USD

he TDI Advanced Sidemount Diver course teaches how to use multiple additional cylinders in side-mount configuration. The skills learned in this generic specialty can be used in several circumstances, such as staging cylinder for cave diving and/or for decompression with the use of multi-gas.

The TDI Advanced Sidemount Diver course provides the tools and knowledge to handle the additional load of equipment and to plan complex dives with the use of several stage cylinders and/or gas.

Students will learn the techniques and sequences necessary to carry comfortably and efficiently one or more additional cylinder with side-mount configuration.

The skills learned during the course will allow you to safely remove and retrieve side-mounted and stage cylinders thanks to well sought techniques and precise sequences.

Also, divers will learn how to solve most of equipment failures directly underwater, using simple tools and techniques, allowing for greater autonomy.


18 years old
Sidemount Diver
25 Sidemount dives

Cave Diving Training - Mexico

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