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playa del carmen - mexico


3 DAYS – $750 USD

The TDI Intro to Cave Diver course is the first step into the cave, after becoming a Cavern Diver. It teaches you the necessary cave diving techniques and protocols, respecting conservative gas management and safe penetration distances. It is a prerequisite to enter the Full Cave Diver course.

The TDI Intro to Cave Diver course teaches divers how to execute cave dives according to precise pre-dive planning and following a continuous guideline.

Also, it prepares the diver for the specific hazards inherent from diving into a cave environment, such as blackouts, loss of guideline or team separation and more.

One of the course objectives is to give you the tools for safe and respectful cave diving through the refinement of fundamental skills such as buoyancy control, trim, positioning and propulsion skills.

Mental preparation, awareness, sound judgement and analysis, emergency protocols as well as perfect mastery of fundamental skills are all aspects developed during the training.


18 years old
Cavern Diver


Cavern + Intro to Cave
5 days – $1,250 USD

Intro Tech + Cavern + Intro to Cave
7 days – $1,750 USD

Sidemount + Cavern + Intro to Cave
8 days – $2,000 USD

Cave Diving Training - Mexico

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