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cave diving training – mexico

teaching you Technical and Cave Diving to it’s finest
or Guiding you with Passion and Heart

we don’t follow
we lead

Thriving to always teach the best, smartest and most modern possible courses, with a greater focus on what makes a truly good diver, mind control, awareness, conservatism, and… Love. Love for the environment, for things well done, for the details, for the knowledge, for the perfect movement, the finest kick, the perfect ascent and a tight runtime…all those things that makes technical and especially cave diving much more than just a sport : it’s a form of Art.

Lili and Alain are a Loving couple in life and that’s how they run CDT Mexico.

We want to get the best out of you!

Cave diving training – Mexico

a tailored diving experience

We teach technical diving courses with TDI, the largest training agency in the World

Professional cave guiding and personalised cavern tours to the cenotes of the Riviera Maya, from Playa del Carmen to Tulum.

As TDI/SDI Instructor Trainers, we teach new dive professionals at all levels, recreational, technical and in overhead environment.
We are the proud developers and retailers of the Akuana Hummingird sidemount system and former Official Razor Instructors. We are knowleadgeable about all systems, not just one or the other !
Dive the walls of Cozumel, the pristine reefs of Xcalak, or with the mighty Bull Shark. Or swim with Whale Sharks and Sailfish off the coast of Holbox and Isla Mujeres.



CDT Mexico is conveniently located in the Heart of the Mexican Riviera Maya, between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. With its Caribbean climate, beautiful seafront, laidback atmosphere and fine dining possibilities, the town has many appeals and is a traveler’s favourite.

Above all, the area boasts the World’s largest concentration of underwater cave systems, and some of the most beautiful too.

The Yucatan Peninsula is a wide and unconfined flat karst landscape, home of over 1,500km of explored and mapped cave passages, with the largest two, Ox Bel Ha and Sac Actun, respectively boasting 257km and 247km of cave passages.

The area offers all types and levels of cave diving, from giant passages to the tiniest of no-mount squeeze and from the extremely shallow to the extremely deep. Most of the caves are easily accessible by car… while some are still well hidden in the jungle, waiting to be discovered and explored!

Many of the cave systems don’t exceed 5m of depth, allowing cave divers to enjoy several hours of bottom time with no decompression on a basic cave configuration, but some others are 120m deeper and requires advanced trimix techniques.

No river is to be found on the surface of the peninsula, the water is flowing instead into extended underground passages. This amazing topography has been slowly carved by fresh water infiltration in the porous carbonate bedrock, mostly made of limestone.

Divers are granted access to the cave systems through collapsed ceilings. These thousands of sinkholes are locally called “cenotes”, a Spanish word derived from the original Mayan “d’zonot”. Water is 24°C (75°F) all year long and visibility is practically limitless.

Cave Diving Training - Mexico


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